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Find Bruce Hardwood in Dallas-BC Flooring Studio , McKinney, and Tyler

Bruce hardwood floors offers premium hardwood flooring in the largest selection of colors and styles, virtually care-free finishes and our assurance of quality.

Product Line

American Originals Hickory - Hickory

American Originals Maple - Maple

American Originals Oak - Red Oak

American Treasures - Hickory

Brushed Impressions - Hickory

Brushed Impressions - White Oak

Dundee Plank - Red Oak

Dundee Plank - White Oak

Dundee Strip - Red Oak

Dundee Strip - White Oak

Frontier - Hickory

Fulton LG Strip - Red Oak Color Line

Fulton LG Strip - White Oak Color Line

Fulton Plank - Red Oak Color Line

Fulton Plank - White Oak Color Line

Fulton Strip - Red Oak

Fulton Strip - White Oak

Kennedale Prestige Plank - Maple

Kennedale Strip - Maple

Laurel Strip - Red Oak

Legacy Manor - Hickory

Manchester Strip & Plank - Red Oak

Natural Choice - Red Oak

Natural Choice - White Oak

Signature Scrape - Oak

Springdale Plank - Oak

Turlington 3" Plank - Oak

Turlington 5" Plank - Maple

Turlington 5" Plank - Oak

Turlington American Exotics - Birch

Turlington American Exotics - Cherry

Turlington American Exotics - Hickory

Turlington American Exotics - Maple

Turlington American Exotics - Walnut

Turlington Lock&Fold - Cherry

Turlington Lock&Fold - Hickory

Turlington Lock&Fold - Maple

Turlington Lock&Fold - Oak

Turlington Lock&Fold - Walnut

Turlington Signature Series - Northern Red Oak

Turlington Signature Series - White Oak

Turlington Signature Series - Yellow Birch

Waltham Plank - Red Oak Color Line

Waltham Plank - White Oak

Waltham Strip - Red Oak Color Line

Waltham Strip - White Oak

Westchester Plank - Red Oak

Westchester Plank - White Oak

Westchester Strip - Red Oak

Westchester Strip - White Oak

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