Design Styles

Italian Impressions
The Italian Impressions style exhibits a European sense of history and casual elegance. Furniture is ornate in style and the color palette shows golden hues, wine reds and chocolate browns.
Rustic Reflections
Rustic Reflections is about bringing the outdoors in-- showcasing slates and natural stones, heavily grained woods, natural fibers and earth-toned colors, including terra-cottas and sage green.
Seaside Simplicity
Seaside Simplicity makes use of natural and unique textures that embrace casual and elegant living. Colors take their cue from beaches and landscapes and include blues, greens, pastels and white.
Stately Elegance
Stately Elegance is all about luxury and refinement, where style and substance are passed down from generation to generation. Colors include, deep reds, blues, rich golds and purples.
Urban Chic
Urban Chic is sophisticated, fresh and contemporary and furniture is streamlined and simple. Black and white, mahogany brown and stainless steel are used in creative combinations.