LANAI Area Rugs

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Our Lanai Collection was inspired by the beauty and popularity of natural Sisal rugs. The multiple weaves and textures in each rug create fashionable, yet casual looks. The collection not only offers casual designs, but the inherently stain resistant fibers encourage a relaxed atmosphere to socialize with family and friends without the traditional worries associated with natural fiber rugs. Machine-made of 100% polypropylene.

Color Line

188X5 Available as 2'5"x4'5",2'x3',3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",7'3"x10'6"
525D7 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
525D7 Round Available as 7'10" Round
525G6 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
525G6 Round Available as 7'10" Round
525O8 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
525O8 Round Available as 7'10" Round
525X5 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
525X5 Round Available as 7'10" Round
606C8 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
606C8 Round Available as 7'10" Round
606D7 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
606F6 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
606F6 Round Available as 7'10" Round
606G6 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
606G6 Round Available as 7'10" Round
606K5 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
606K5 Round Available as 7'10" Round
606M7 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
720X5 Available as 2'5"x4'5",2'x3',3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",7'3"x10'6"
781C8 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
781C8 Round Available as 7'10" Round
781F6 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6"
781F6 Round Available as 7'10" Round
781N7 Available as 2'5"x4'5",3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
781N7 Round Available as 7'10" Round
781Y1 Available as 2'5"x4'5",2'x3',3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",6'3"x9'2",7'3"x10'6",8'6"x13'
781Y1 Round Available as 7'10" Round
782Y1 Available as 2'5"x4'5",2'x3',3'7"x5'6",5'3"x7'6",7'3"x10'6"
Area Rug Color Group Blue, Green, Purple
Area Rug Color Group Dark Neutral
Area Rug Color Group Light Neutral
Area Rug Color Group Red, Yellow, Orange
Area Rug Construction Machine
Area Rug Construction Woven
Area Rug Country of Origin Egypt
Area Rug Design Style Casual
Area Rug Design Style Eclectic
Area Rug Design Style Outdoors
Area Rug Fiber Content Polypropylene
Area Rug Fiber Content Specifics Polypropylene
Area Rug Outdoor Safe Yes
Area Rug Pattern Border
Area Rug Pattern Contemporary
Area Rug Pattern Geometrical
Area Rug Pattern Solid
Area Rug Pile Height 0.2
Color Family Beige
Color Family Black
Color Family Brown
Color Family Green
Color Family Red
Color Family Tan