Generations Area Rugs

Find Generations Area Rugs in Dallas-BC Flooring Studio , McKinney, and Tyler

Color Line

112G1 Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
112G1 Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
112G1 Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
112G1 Square Available as 8'x8'
1504G Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
1504G Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
1504G Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
1504G Square Available as 8'x8'
1506C Available as 4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",7'10"x11'
1506C Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6"
1527X Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
1527X Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
1527X Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
1527X Square Available as 8'x8'
157G1 Available as 2'3"x4'5",4'x5'9",6'7"x9'1",9'9"x12'2",5'3"x7'6",2'x3',7'10"x11'
157G1 Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
157G1 Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
157G1 Square Available as 8'x8'
1608D Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
1608D Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
1608D Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
1608D Square Available as 8'x8'
1732M Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
1732M Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
1732M Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
1732M Square Available as 8'x8'
1987G Available as 2'3"x4'5",4'x5'9",6'7"x9'1",9'9"x12'2",5'3"x7'6",2'x3',7'10"x11'
1987G Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
1987G Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
1987G Square Available as 8'x8'
213R1 Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
213R1 Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
213R1 Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
213R1 Square Available as 8'x8'
252J1 Available as 2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
252J1 Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
252J1 Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
252J1 Square Available as 8'x8'
281J2 Available as 2'3"x4'5",4'x5'9",6'7"x9'1",5'3"x7'6",2'x3',7'10"x11'
281J2 Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
281J2 Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
281J2 Square Available as 8'x8'
3434J Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
3434J Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
3434J Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
3434J Square Available as 8'x8'
3435Y Available as 4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
3435Y Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
3435Y Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
3435Y Square Available as 8'x8'
3436R Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
3436R Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
3436R Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
3436R Square Available as 8'x8'
544G1 Available as 2'3"x4'5",4'x5'9",6'7"x9'1",9'9"x12'2",5'3"x7'6",2'x3',7'10"x11'
544G1 Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
544G1 Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
544G1 Square Available as 8'x8'
544X1 Available as 4'x5'9",6'7"x9'1",9'9"x12'2",5'3"x7'6",2'3"x4'5",2'x3',7'10"x11'
544X1 Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
544X1 Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
544X1 Square Available as 8'x8'
594X1 Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
594X1 Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
594X1 Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
594X1 Square Available as 8'x8'
8006A Available as 4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",7'10"x11'
8006A Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6"
8007A Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
8007A Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
8007A Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
8007A Square Available as 8'x8'
8013A Available as 2'3"x4'5",2'x3',4'x5'9",5'3"x7'6",6'7"x9'1",7'10"x11',9'9"x12'2"
8013A Round Available as 6' Round,8' Round
8013A Runner Available as 2'3"x7'6",2'7"x9'1"
8013A Square Available as 8'x8'
Area Rug Color Group Blue, Green, Purple
Area Rug Color Group Dark Neutral
Area Rug Color Group Light Neutral
Area Rug Color Group Multi-color
Area Rug Color Group Red, Yellow, Orange
Area Rug Construction Machine
Area Rug Construction Woven
Area Rug Country of Origin Egypt
Area Rug Design Style Casual
Area Rug Design Style Contemporary
Area Rug Design Style Eclectic
Area Rug Design Style Traditional
Area Rug Fiber Content Polypropylene
Area Rug Fiber Content Specifics Polypropylene
Area Rug Pattern Abstract
Area Rug Pattern Border
Area Rug Pattern Contemporary
Area Rug Pattern Floral
Area Rug Pattern Geometric
Area Rug Pattern Geometrical
Area Rug Pattern Oriental
Area Rug Pattern Rustic
Area Rug Pattern Southwest
Area Rug Pattern Traditional
Area Rug Pile Height 0.43
Color Family Beige
Color Family Brown
Color Family Gold
Color Family Green
Color Family Purple
Color Family Red
Color Family Rust
Style Number 157G
Style Number 1939I
Style Number 1939R
Style Number 1987G
Style Number 254G
Style Number 281J
Style Number 281M
Style Number 544G
Style Number 544X
Style Number 5G