Granite Collection Natural Stone

Find Granite Collection Natural Stone in Dallas-BC Flooring Studio , McKinney, and Tyler

Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock composed mainly of quartz, feldspar and mica. And just where do you find quartz, feldspar and mica? At the center of the earth, of course. It's there where granite crystallizes under extreme pressure. So much pressure, in fact, that it's nearly as hard as a diamond. Like a diamond, granite is prized for its beauty. Its variety of striking colors and distinctive structural characteristics make any home unique.

Color Line

Absolut Black (Polished) Available as 12"x12" Polished,18"x18" Polished clipped,12'x24' Polished,24'x24' Polished
Absolute Black (Flamed) Available as 12'x12' Flamed
Absolute Black (Honed) Available as 12'x12' Honed
Baltic Brown
Blue Pearl GT Available as 12"x12" Polished
Dakota Mahogany (Flamed) Available as 12"x12"
Galaxy Black Available as 12"x12" Polished
Giallo Ornamental
Giallo Veneziano
Golden Garnet
Impala Black
Kashmir White
Luna Pearl Available as 12"x12" Polished
Madurai Gold
New Venetian Gold Available as 12"x12" Polished
Paradise Beach
Santa Cecilia
Spring Green
Tan Brown
Tropical Brown
Color Family Beige/Taupe
Color Family Black
Color Family Blue
Color Family Blue/Purple
Color Family Brown
Color Family Copper
Color Family Gold
Color Family Gold/Yellow
Color Family Gray/Black
Color Family Green
Color Family White
Color Family White/Cream
Color Group Blue, Green, Purple
Color Group Dark Neutral
Color Group Light Neutral
Color Group Mid-Neutral
Color Group Red, Yellow, Orange
Color Group White, Off White
Daltile Shade Variation Low (V1)
Grout Width 1/16"
Material Granite
Shade Variation Low: Consistent shade and texture
Thickness 3/8"
Tile Thickness 3/8"