Pre-Installation Checklist

Thank you for choosing us to install your flooring. We very much appreciate the opportunity, and we are committed to excellence in our work! We value your trust and will always work to keep it. Please review the following guidelines and reminders to make installation of your new floors as smooth as possible. Please contact your sales representative with any questions.

Furniture/General Preparation for Affected Rooms

  • Remove all items from the tops of furniture including general decorations, knick-knacks, lamps, picture frames, etc.
  • Remove all items from bookcases, china cabinets, or other storage/display pieces.
  • Remove all sheets and linens from beds and any items that are stored underneath the bed.
  • Remove all items stored on the ground in closets. Remove all lower hanging clothing. Hanging clothes must have four feet of clearance from the floor to allow us to work.
  • Remove all breakable, antique, or valuable items you don’t want present in a construction environment. This includes artwork or other misc wall decorations.
  • Remove and store toilets from bathrooms if applicable.
  • Disconnect all electronic equipment, electrical fixtures, or hardwired appliances that will require moving. This includes TV’s, receiver/wireless sound systems, and video game consoles.
  • Disconnect gas lines from appliances, disconnect water lines from ice makers and refrigerators.
  • Ensure electrical power is available at the jobsite as well as the correct temperature control. The jobsite must be acclimated to a minimum of 67 degrees for 24 hours before our arrival.
  • Upon our arrival, please discuss with our installers any hidden wiring or other unusual circumstances you’re aware of.

Important Disclaimers

  • We do not move the following items: waterbeds, pianos, pool tables, paintings/artwork, grandfather clocks, aquariums, gun safes, antiques, breakables, or anything requiring disassembly.
  • Our installers will help with disassembling and assembling for standard bed frames only. We do not unhook or disassemble modern electric beds. This is your responsibility!
  • Our installers will not unhook or reconnect any electronic equipment, electrical fixtures, or hardwired appliances, they will only help move them. Please hire an electrician to assist with these items.
  • Our installers do not unhook or reconnect gas stoves, toilets, icemakers, dishwashers, gas dryers, or refrigerators, they will only help move them. Please hire a plumber to assist with these items.
  • Our installers, while committed to being careful with your items, are not professional movers. All items are moved at your own risk.


*Please review the Installation Agreement for other important information regarding your installation.